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Website and Entertainment Services.

Welcome to

Website and Entertainment Services.

Welcome to

Website and Entertainment Services.

Welcome to

Website and Entertainment Services.

Welcome to

Website and Entertainment Services.

We Service & Create Website’s For:
Audio & Visual Services:
Sound Rental Requests
  • Indoor Sound
  • Outdoor Sound
Lighting Rental Requests
  • Projectors
  • LED Screens & lights
  • Truss Rental

For a limited time we are offering major discounts on our basic website package of $250.00 listed below. All of our regular prices remain the same unless you have replied to an ad online. If you are interested in website work we would like to hear from you. Send an email to

Basic Website Build

Includes hosting and dot com!
  • Everyone needs at least this package. A basic site that any person may need for anything. Read More.
See Details

Advanced Event Website

For larger business owners and events
  • This website is more complex and needs heavy attention, We enjoy working on projects like this. Read More.
See Details

We charge $65 an hour and require that you pay for 3 hours of work at a time.

If we charge you hourly this price is firm.

We charge $25 to $50 a month to manage websites for you. This means updating the theme all the plug-ins, and WordPress. We backup and update your site when we manage the site. Website management is totally different from working on the website. Moving on to service calls. If you make a monthly payment for website management we will waive the service call fee sometimes. This depends on the content and how long it will take us. Typically it is $25 for over an hour of work on a service call.

A Service call is $25 to $75:Create a page on your website and or change an image and or make changes on wording after the site has been built.Review a website to perform work.

Website management is $50 or $25 a month: This means we will update all plug-ins, update the theme and also update WordPress when it is time on a regular basis. We also make a backup of the website. Monthly members get major discounts on future work often. As we grow and continue to serve, we will expand and give back to our regular customers.

Godaddy set up $50: Includes a technician that will use Godaddy Cpanel to set up your hosting account by paying for hosting and a dot com. This may or may not include price of the dot com and hosting for one year. If we are going to manage your website we may include the dot com and hosting. If we build your site we may not charge for this.

Transfer of dot com owner or hosting account swap related: $200

WordPress install $25: Includes a new updated Control Management System (C.M.S) installed to control your website using Cpanel in Godaddy. It may also include a database and access to Cpanel if you are to be the admin of the page. While we create the site, no one will be allowed to admin privileges at all until we are done with the site.

Hosting set up $25: Leaving a hosting company and switching to another hosting company. We handle all the details and make sure all are functioning properly. Most all the time this includes a webmaster file. We will create a webmaster file to save all the passwords so you can keep safe for later. This means we do not hold your site for ransom. But you will pay us. Or we will put your site in maintenance mode.

Template install $25 to $75: After Godaddy account is created, A hosting plan is selected, and your WordPress is installed you will need a template to use for us to create and customize.

Template Customize $150: This is after the template has been installed. This makes everything look nice and clean. Add logo , build pages, design pages and more. It’s basically creating a new website.

Logo creation $25 to $500: Depending on the work and deadline you have.

We will work with you to create social links: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and the ones you want will get placed on your website at no cost depending on your content. If you provide all the links we will be happy to add those links and such buttons at no cost when you purchase our work and hire us.

Content creation for Facebook pages, banner creation, header creation and more is available also when requested at a fee.

SEO MADE SIMPLE: We charge 40% of the amount you spend to perform paid advertising, and or any related type of marketing and promotions. We also charge for labor. That is included in our final price. If you are able to pay for basic SEO work then we will negotiate a budget you have and start there. For SEO work we charge $65 an hour and require that you pay for 3 hours of work at a time. We take a percentage of that income and then pay for services that are considered the best in the industry from leading industry blue chip companies. Not Joe up the street. Or Bob that works on computers. We use real services. For real results.

Please read that no agency on earth can guarantee hits or leads on a website from SEO work. It is up to the person surfing the internet to make a choice to click and see your site. We will manage SEO campaigns at a reasonable cost but we do include paid advertising at the same time. This way your getting visitors to the site you want to improve the way search engines see you.


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